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Should I go to the gym in the morning because of COVID-19?

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  • Should I go to the gym in the morning because of COVID-19?

    Hi, Dr's,

    I live in the UK and from next Saturday we can book a 55-minute gym session once a day. Would it be better for me to book the earliest session in the gym for the day so when I go most of the remaining virus will have died overnight? I am young and healthy so I am not in a high-risk population, but I wouldn't want to risk bringing the virus back home to my grandma. Or would it be just as risky going at the latest time slot for the day (my preferred time to train)? I imagine the gym could get contaminated throughout the day, despite the 5-minute cleaning breaks every hour. I plan on having a thorough shower as soon as I come home regardless.

    What are your thoughts?#

    Many Thanks,


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    I don't think it really matters, as I don't think the virus is likely to "live" on surfaces in the gym in an infectious capacity for extended periods of time- especially if you are cleaning your equipment, social distancing, and taking other precautions.
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