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Wide variety of rep ranges

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  • Wide variety of rep ranges

    Hello, I have seen Jordan recommend using a variety of different rep ranges in the past unless there's a spesific reason not to (like a competition) so i had some questions

    Would you (for lets say, hypertrophy) prefer to use different rep ranges during the same mesocycle (maybe 6-8 and 8-12) over something like doing sets of 8 (or any other specific number) the whole time and just progressing sets and weight?

    Or maybe do sets of 8 in the first mesocycle and then sets of 10 in the next one and so on?

    I get that this might be a nuanced topic and one way or the other is a preference more than anything but id like to hear more about it, thank you for your time.

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    I probably wouldn't alter rep ranges week to week for a specific exercise, but I would include a variety of rep ranges for many difference exercises in the program from the start.

    Check out our Beginner Template eBook for a more thorough discussion of this.
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      Thanks for the reply, full version of that eBook was something i planned to get some time soon.