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Question about the Bodybuilding Template

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  • Question about the Bodybuilding Template

    I was re-reading through parts of the instructions and found this that I didn't notice the 1st time:

    In summary, our default recommendation for progressing the resistance training
    elements of The Bodybuilding Template is to add weight to the selected
    exercises each week. When this is no longer possible for two or more exercises,
    we recommend moving on to the next phase of The Bodybuilding Template, or
    pursuing new programming entirely at the conclusion of template.

    I just started block I a few weeks ago. Does this mean that if I'm not seeing progress on a couple of lifts that I move on to block II (which, hasn't happened thus far)? Or am I misunderstanding something in the text?

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    Yea, that's a reasonable strategy- ideally if you've run the block through the scheduled number of weeks and if now, are no longer seeing progress.
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