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TNG vs Dead-stop deadlifts

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  • TNG vs Dead-stop deadlifts

    When we do 10s for a pull off the floor (conventional, sumo, stiff leg, snatch grip, trap bar, etc) . Is it ok to do TNG deadlifts? 10s dead stop can be a bit tough haha, although we can adapt to it.

    from a hypertrophy and bodybuilding standpoint, is there a benefit to dead stop for high rep deadlifts?

    thank you, docs

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    I don't think I'd recommend training touch and go deadlifts with a bounce unless someone was a competitive CrossFit athlete.

    With respect to touch and go deadlifts with no bounce, thereby requiring a fairly lengthy eccentric, I don't have a problem with it unless someone is a competitive powerlifter or has a technique issue resulting from this style.

    That all being said, I don't think you should do touch and go deadlifts like you want to, as I'm betting these are bounced.

    Finally, I don't think one could say a particular style is better for hypertrophy.
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