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    I have ran a few barbell medicine templates before and i am familiar with your approach to warmups, but i assume it is different for the bodybuilding template, given the higher rep ranges. What kind of warmup would you recommend sets of 10 on squats and bench? Also, how should one go about warming up for the exercises that follow using most of the same muscle groups, like belt squat after barbell squats? If the template calls for 3 sets @8 should the last warmup be @7, @6, or even lighter?

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    It's the same style of warm up as our other templates. That said, how you warm up has a lot to do with personal preference. For 3 sets @ 8 when you're already warm, I'd personally do a set of 8 @ 6 and then guesstimate my @ 8 set. If I didn't really know where that was going to fall however, I'd do a set I expected to be @ 7 and then make a final jump.
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