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  • Wrong Programming ?

    Hi there Dr.GrainZzz

    Currently halfway through on the 12W Strength with hardly any progression on the comp lifts with some on the accessory lifts.

    I had a question about RPE and I asked on the forum and it turns out I was using RPE incorrectly. Dr.Baraki informed me how to use RPE properly in terms of weight selection. I have no issues rating a set >[email protected]
    I also took a look at my technique for all lifts and I was highly disappointed. I had small errors that add up in inefficient mechanics thus raising the RPE. Things like {slight goodmorning, slight knee cave, slight elbow shooting up, elbow flaring, and rounded pull} I thought after 2.5 hours of in person coaching + 5 months SSOC I would get it through my thick skull how to lift but I guess not.

    I really want to get the technique down to the T, and due to the summer heat I don't have a big appetite. The day after W6D2, I was exhausted the entire day and the e1RM for lift 1 and 2 for W6D3 went down by 10lbs.

    Should I jump to the 7 Week Hyper(4day) as a period on focusing heavy on technique while not having a big appetite ? Or since I've been using RPE incorrectly for about..... a year should I go back to square 1 with The Bridge 1.0?

    Thanks doc, much appreciated

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    Thanks for the post and I hope your training is otherwise doing well.

    With respect to your comments on technique, I think it's quite normal to see some inefficiencies crop up during higher intensity sets (e.g. higher RPE or % of 1RM) and also when fatigue is higher. That said, I don't think that eliminating these things entirely is a prudent goal, as they're likely to occur to some extent for the entirety of your lifting career at near-maximal efforts. The extent to which they compromise efficiency varies amongst individuals of course, and we would recommend striving to correct these issues in order to improve efficiency, not necessarily reduce risk of injury. To do this, we'd recommend continuing to train and using cues that you understand and seem to make a difference in your technique tendencies.

    I don't think the program selection matters here given the two choices, as they both have ample exposure to the big 3. Neither would be likely to produce a significant difference in appetite either. Similar to our advice AGAINST constantly resetting and running the same program over and over again, we'd recommend moving on, picking a program that aligns with your goals, and trying your best to continue to improve.

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