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    Im gonna finish powerbuilding 2 in a few weeks, and I am lookingfor a new program to do. I was thinking of starting either the bodybuilding or hypertrophy template as muscle gain is my main goal for the foreseeable future (i have some lower back and abdominal pain when deadlifting heavy).
    I see that the two templates that incorporate oly lifts are the olympic template and the titan template.
    I am not really interested in crossfit or gymnastics so I dont think the titan program is good for me.
    As for the oly template, I get the impression its like the strength/pl templates but with different lifts. Which would be awesome, but because of my injury, I am trying to avoid heavy singles and triples, atleast for squats and deadlifts.
    my question would be, is there a template that focuses on hypertrophy with oly lifts? Do you think the oly weightlifting template would suit my goals?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    I don't really think an olympic lifting program with a good bit of hypertrophy work is something I'd recommend, which is why we don't really program this. In general, strength athletes will have some hypertrophy work programmed in- more during off-season programming.

    I think if you are having abdominal pain when exercising, you need to see a doctor to get that worked up.

    If you have low back pain, I'd recommend altering your programming so that you can get back to your preferred training ( If you're not having to modify your training and performance hasn't suffered...I'm not sure if any modification(s) need to be made.

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      Thanks for the answer. The reason I was thinking about olympic lifts, is to reduce the amount of deadlifts I do, which seems to be the thing that aggrevates my injury the most. And oly lifts are kind of exciting for me because I never did them before.
      Do you think substituting deadlifts for lets say...power cleans, would do me any good? For the time being at least.
      I am seeing doctors currently to try to figure out what problem i have in the first place.



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        I don't think that replacing the amount of deadlifting you're doing with higher velocity pulls are likely to be a good move in this situation.

        From an exercise and pain management standpoint, I would be curious to know what programming you're doing right now.

        That said, if you want to train Olympic lifts...that's cool too.

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          I was about 4 weeks in to powerlifting 2, when I started to experience pain, while and after lifting. Right now im doing powerbuilding 2. With reduced loads on the squat and deadlift movements. Although I still feel some pain and aches around my groin and lower abdomen (sometimes lower back as well) at the end of the week. And a more intense pain while being in a bent over position with straight or slightly bent legs.

          At the end of the program, i was thinking it would be beneficial to do something that moves away from deadlifting so much, so I could recover hopefully, and get back to a 100% in a few months. Thats why i was thinking I would switch it up a bit with oly lifts, or do something like the new bb template (which from my understand has more iso work and im assuming lighter weights)
          Its been a frustrating experience for the past month or two, since after multiple consultations with doctors, xrays , ultrasounds and ct scans, i still do not know what is wrong with me.

          Thanks a bunch for taking the time to help me.


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            Yeah, I'm not sure that there needs to be a lot of imaging or specific work up here depending on the particulars. You might be interested in a consult from our professionals :

            Again, I think if you're having back pain with deadlifts and/or squats that there are a number of other strategies I'd try before moving to high velocity movements, such as partial ROM exercises, tempo work, etc. I don't think that power cleans are what I'd do initially.
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              Right. Im gonna look into doing block pulls for awhile, instead of deadlifts.

              Once again, thanks for the help!