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training and vertical jump

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  • training and vertical jump

    Hi doctors! i am 23 years old, i trained consistently 3x week (mostly calisthenics) for a year and a half but i got really out of shape in the last 5 months of doing nothing. I Always trained mostly for the look and to be healthy. I am keen on starting to train again but this time i want to set goals to keep me motivated in the long run. I occasionally play basketball or volley with friends and since i am 5 7 i was thinking about training to increase my vertical jump.
    from what i have read on BBM it seems to me that the best strategy is to start with beginner prescription implementing some "jump oriented" training in the GPP and then when I am a little more experienced with barebells i should include some "power" work (like power cleans) and doing the jumping in the gpp and practicing the sport

    my question is if this seems like a good strategy to both be healthy and increase my verticale jump
    thanks a lot for all you do!


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    Yes, that seems reasonable to me Let us know how it goes!
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      thanks a lot! i ll surely let you know