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How should I proceed with Hypertrophy I?

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  • How should I proceed with Hypertrophy I?

    I've just completed Week 5 day 1 of of Hypertrophy I template, which I have chosen for fat-loss and waist reduction purposes. So far, I'm making great progress along with appropriate macro changes from my previous diet. I'm currently 5' 9"; 185lbs.

    When adhering to the recommended rest schedules between sets, I find it very difficult to complete all the sets as templated due to being completely winded and becoming lightheaded. My muscles are not tired, but it feels dangerous to keep lifting when the potential of passing out feels real. The deeper I get into exercises 2 and 3, the more this problem affects my ability to complete the programming.

    Given my goals of additional fat loss and waist reduction AND
    given that you're not my doctor who has not, and will not, do a complete H&P, AND
    given that I claim to be otherwise relatively healthy
    do you recommend that I:

    1) Rest longer than recommended so that I can complete all the sets and reps
    2) Dramatically reduce the weight on the bar to reduce the strain and complete the sets/reps with recommended rest periods
    3) Do as many sets and reps as I can at the recommended RPE with recommended rest even if I come up short.
    4) Something else.

    I'm sure that I've omitted some key bit of data, but the signal to noise ratio here is probably already tilted the wrong way.

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    Thanks for the post. I would probably just reduce the weight and make sure you're breathing between reps. I'd be curious about your breathing habits and environment you train in given that you're on week 5 of the program. Any insight here?

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      I'm unsure how to describe my breathing habits, but I'll take a stab at it. I started lifting under SSLP and was taking HUGE breaths at the start of each rep. I've reduced the volume of air I take in between each rep to more of a 'big breath' that feels like enough to brace myself, but not all the air in the room. I'm also trying to spend less time between reps than when I was just doing 3x5 as just holding the loaded bar for that long with 8-12 reps was fatigue inducing. So, my overall tempo is a little faster than when I was pure 3x5. I try to lockout, exhale, inhale and start the next rep as quickly as is reasonable without rushing it.

      I train in my garage, and it has been very hot here lately with my garage often over 85 degrees, which is potentially exacerbating the problem. I try to come inside to the A/C between many sets to cool somewhat as well as drinking ice water. By the time exercise 1 is complete about 30 mins, my HR (according my gen 1 apple watch) is around 130 and ends up staying generally over 120 by the time exercise 3 rolls around.

      To be clear, before I started the H1 template, I was not doing any GPP/LISS/HIIT, so I'm sure eventually this problem will eventually work itself out as I'm more conditioned to the workload. That was another major factor why I chose H1 and may continue to H2 depending on my waist at the end of H1.


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        A few ideas here:

        1) I would agree with taking enough of a breath to brace, but not a huge breath. This may take some work, but it's probably fine.
        2) I would take an extra breath between reps, but not a bunch of rapid breaths all at once.
        3) I probably wouldn't go inside in between sets or drink a lot of ice water during your workout. Cool water is fine and you should drink what you prefer, but I think drinking more than you want to may be hurting rather than helping.

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