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Want to know which exercises to avoid

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  • Want to know which exercises to avoid

    So I was diagnosed with supraspinatus and bicep tendon inflammation, it is the 1st degree or the least painful but it's chronic *I've done physiotherapy*, last time I went to the doctor he told me to avoid some exercises like cable lateral raises, incline bicep curls, standing overhead triceps extension since it's bad for the shoulders and told me other notes like the degree my arm should make with my body while chest pressing. The point is right now I cannot reach with my doctor so there is some exercises I have a little doubt with, like dumbbell / cable pullover, Overhead barbell press / standing military press, are all of these okay with my condition or will it harm my shoulder ?

    another question, right after finishing a set of tricep kick backs it feels like my shoulder is frozen or fatigued but it is not a pain .. is that a normal feeling ?

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    I would recommend you start by reading this article:

    There are no specific exercises or movements we would recommend avoiding. Your doctor is wrong that these movements are "bad for the shoulders", and avoiding anything that hurts is not a way to resolve these sorts of issues.

    Rather, we would aim to find/use exercises that can be performed at tolerable "doses" (i.e., volume/intensity/frequency) in order to return to normal activity - the details of this process are discussed in the article linked above.
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