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When does "activity" become "conditioning"?

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  • When does "activity" become "conditioning"?

    I am running Strength III in a calorie deficit. Jordan recommended to me not to add more conditioning work if strength was the main driver of the training (which it is, along with fat loss).

    I don't want to have my activity interfere too much with my strength progress, but I do want to keep moving to be healthy and promote fat loss along with my deficit.

    So... when does “activity” (striving to meet the recommended activity guidelines) become “conditioning” that could detract from building strength if done more often than the template prescribes?
    • E.G.: If I take a 30-60 minute walk per day at a moderately brisk pace (3-4 METs), is that conditioning or activity? What if I walk on a treadmill with ruck sack on an incline?

    Basically, is there a nuanced way of gauging the effort, perhaps through RPE or heart rate, that would determine when it is "conditioning"? Thanks!

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    Anything above 4 METs would count as aerobic training.

    Again, I think if you're trying to get as strong as possible in the Big 3- which is the purpose of Strength III- then I would notadd more conditioning. If you want to add more conditioning, that's cool too.
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