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  • Pivot block questions

    I am about to finish the powerlifting 2 template and my results have been great. I want to run it again, but I am feeling a little beat up entering week 12. I was wondering if taking a 2-3 week pivot after the max out week would be a good idea? I would structure it like the hypertrophy templates but with less specificity in terms of exercise selection. Volume would Be moderate and I don’t think I would start off with a low stress week because the workload on the max out week is already pretty low. Does it make sense to structure it this way, and if not do you mind guiding me a little?

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    I'd just do the low stress week twice if you need to, but you could run something different for 2-3 weeks if you want to.

    That said, running a higher volume pivot block is kind of the opposite of what you'd want to do.
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