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Training at Home - hypertrophy and strength 4 times a week....

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  • Training at Home - hypertrophy and strength 4 times a week....

    Hi Doctors,

    Much appreciate all your work and content.

    Some questions about training at home...

    - 40 yrs old
    - goal of strength/hypertrophy gains, some conditioning
    - have been training for 2 years (including 1/2 year quarantine home training)
    - approx 150 g of protein per day, 2000- 2400 Kcal
    - weight: 150 lbs
    - height: 5'4"

    I live in NYC and don't have any plan to return to the gym for at least another few months.
    I'd like to continue training at home, and have been using your train at home template as a reference.
    However, due to my time constraints, it's easier to split up the workouts to 4 days per week for more
    compound movement hypertophy/strength based stuff, rather than 3 days.
    Then I do two days/workouts of isolated movements:

    2 exercises per day for 6 days/week:

    M,W,F,Sun - e.g. jump squat + handstand push up (or some combination of upper-lower split)
    around 5 - 6 sets per exercise, following the RPE of the program.

    Tu,Thu - forearms and calves (these isolated movements feel good while I recover from the other workouts).

    Sat - rest/relaxing outdoor activity/walking

    The bigger movements are pretty cardio intense so I don't do GPP on other days usually.

    1) Is this an effective way to split up the workouts?
    2) Do you think there's enough volume that way?

    I would also like to add weight as the lower body movements are too easy
    and I get more fatigued from the cardo aspect of the movement (e.g. squat variations)
    rather than taxing the leg muscles.

    I'm thinking of buying some heavy kettle bells (25 - 50lbs) to add resistance to the squats.
    3) Any good ways to add resistance other than loading a pack with heavy stuff?
    (I have not much space for plates or bars or too many dumbells)

    Your time and advice is much appreciated.

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    1) It's a fine way to split up the workouts if you prefer to do it this way.
    2) Enough volume for maximum strength or hypertrophy improvements? Maybe, but probably not depending on your current training status. That said, I don't know that adding volume would be my go-to, depending on goals, e.g. probably figure out ways to go heavier for strength in this context or do more volume with similar amounts of fatigue if it's hypertrophy.
    3) I'd probably get a pair of loadable dumbbells over kettlebells.

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