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Volume vs Intensity when losing weight

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  • Volume vs Intensity when losing weight

    Waist is still up there (39") and so I have trimmed my calories by another 300/day. Wondering what your thoughts are on volume vs intensity when in a deficit in an attempt to minimize strength and LBM loss. As expected I've noticed that I have already lost some strength after 4 weeks (and 6 lbs bw loss) and find it harder to recover. My question is, should I focus on volume during the 3-6 months I plan on eating/training like this until I drop a few inches off the waist, or continue to lift at RPE 8-9 on all the lifts? I'm following the beginner prescription but have been adding sets (to squat, rows and presses) vs weight as I haven't been able to put more weight on the bar while eating 500+ cals under maintenance. I want to progress on some front while losing weight, and I can handle extra sets. Would it be better to duplicate the workouts with my current numbers or drop weight and add volume? I'm a 44-yr old male, 180 lbs, Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think there is any unique "weight loss specific" volume-intensity relationship.

    I also wouldn't expect strength loss while losing weight in most cases, especially in a 500kCal deficit.

    It says you're doing the Beginner Prescription that you're modifying by adding sets, but I don't think you're a beginner, right?
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