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  • Microplates?

    I'm doing the Beginner Template and my bench/press are pretty weak to the point where adding 5lbs each week isn't possible without changing the RPE. Would you recommend getting fractional plates to increase by say 2.5lbs? Thanks!

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    That is certainly an option!

    On the other hand, you are not absolutely required to add 5 lbs every week; rather, you can train with the loads necessary to hit the target RPE and increment load when you're able.

    Some people have the idea that you have to force more weight on the bar in order to generate adaptation. We tend to disagree with this. Rather, we think load can be incremented (at the same relative effort) once the necessary adaptations have occurred.
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      Thanks for the answer Doc! Yeah, that does make sense, but I still always just find that, sometimes, on my bench or press I could get it on the proper RPE with just a 2.5lbs increase but not with a 5lbs increase. I think I’ll still buy some, but thanks for the insight!