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Accomodating Resistance for Squat and Hip Hinge Exercises

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  • Accomodating Resistance for Squat and Hip Hinge Exercises

    I know that bands and chains are generally programmed on the competition movements as overloads.

    Are they also a viable option for exercises like close grip bench with bands, Romanian deadlift with bands, high bar squat with bands for higher reps for hypertrophy stimuluses?

    Would it be a big difference in stimulus on certain muscle group if we use bands vs using just free weight for these exercises for hypertrophy?

    For example, maybe using a band in Romanian deadlift would have more emphasis on the glutes compared to a normal Romanian deadlift?

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    We use accommodating resistance in many of the assistance or supplemental exercises, but not for hypertrophy really since it doesn't help for that.
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