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Right shoulder noticeably weaker than left

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  • Right shoulder noticeably weaker than left

    I noticed yesterday during overhead press that my right shoulder seems to be noticeably weaker than my left shoulder. This is most apparent when the weight gets heavier and I get more fatigued. Yesterday, I was in a hurry so made my rest times really short and noticed that my right shoulder was having a harder time locking out the weight on that side. This is strange because my right arm is my dominant arm. I have noticed my right shoulder is tighter and less mobile than my left but I don't see how that would have any impact on this. I don't seem to notice this 'issue' outside of training.

    Is there anything I should do to address this or should I just continue to train like normal? I'm currently running Powerbuilding I for the second time.


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    I would continue to train like normal, although if you wanted to add more training to the areas you could certainly introduce some unilateral movements like landmine presses, DB benching/pressing, etc - though I would still train these movements on both sides.
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