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Strength III or Hypertrophy II for dealing with hip pain on deadlifts

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  • Strength III or Hypertrophy II for dealing with hip pain on deadlifts

    Been plagued with stabbing posterior hip pain at lockout that seems to occur when I hit certain intensities on deadlifts. Higher reps seem to be far more tolerable It's been an issue for almost a year now. Been trying to run Strength III, which has been fine for bench and squats, but perhaps I've been pushing deadlifts a bit too hard given the sensitivity issues.

    With this in mind, would running Hypertrophy II instead of Strength III for a block or two be beneficial for hip pain of this nature? My understanding that it's best to drop the intensity and increase the volume when dealing with sensitive movements, so would Hypertrophy II be a better choice?

    Alternatively, what would your thoughts be on running Strength III for all the movements apart from the deadlift, and instead use Hypertrophy II to program all of the deadlift volume? Would this be viable?


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    I'm not sure if I can say definitively from here what choice is better based on the limited information. If it were me, I'd probably try running a whole block of hypertrophy II, e.g. 4-6 weeks, and then when returning to the strength program, avoid the singles on DL's and keep the volume at 80% of the prescription for the first block before jumping back to "normal" programming.
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