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5 minute HIIT sessions

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  • 5 minute HIIT sessions

    Hi there, If I only have 5 mins to do my HIIT work (accumulating 20-30 mins per week) am I better off doing 5 rounds of 20 seconds on:40 seconds off, or 3 rounds of 20 seconds on:100 seconds off? Or does it matter?


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    It doesn't really matter, though the former is aerobic conditioning and the latter is anaerobic. I also assume you mean 20-30 min/day and not per week.... Ideally you're getting in 150-300min of moderate intensity aerobic activity or 75-150 min of vigorous intensity aerobic activity (HIIT, in this case). Depending on how much activity you're doing in total right now, I'd shoot for those minimums and let that dictate how much activity you need to do.

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      Thanks Jordan - I supplement the HIIT with steady state on non gym days, but see what you're getting at. Thanks!