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Extending Phases and Heavy Single Programming Substitution

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  • Extending Phases and Heavy Single Programming Substitution

    About a year ago, I got my mid-60s Dad to start lifting regularly. He's been on the beginner or my slight modifications to the beginner template since (minus some downtime for gym closure).

    This week we decided to move him on to Gen Strength and Conditioning.

    In general, is it ok to extend a template phase for a few additional weeks (like in beginner)? Reasons not to do this?

    He is not interested in doing heavy singles. What is a good practice for substitution when a template has a heavy single? I may be able to get him to a "heavy triple".

    Thanks in advance!

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    Very cool that your dad is training

    If you'd like to extend the mesocycle a bit, that's fine provided someone is getting good results.

    I'd do a heavy triple or set of 5 (@9) in place of a 1 @ 8.
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