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Overload exercise selection in Powerlifting II

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  • Overload exercise selection in Powerlifting II


    Doing my first week of the program, and I don't quite understand the exercise selection strategy in Days 3 and 4 - i.e. the overload squat, deadlift and bench.

    I don't have access to chains or specific bars (SSB, buffalo) in my gym, nor do I have a slingshot, and have only a limited selection of bands.

    My questions are:

    Q1. If utilizing bands for overload lifts - should I attach bands on the bottom or at the top of the rack? I see utilization of bands as having two options:

    A) Attaching bands to the bottom of the rack, and thus using lower weight than I usually would, given that the resistance at the top portion of a lift (e.g. squat) is higher (if I'm not mistaken, chains would work in a similar manner);
    B) Attaching bands to the top of the rack, and using higher weight that I usually would, given that I have more "supportive resistance" at the bottom portion of a lift.

    Q2. When considering the overload deadlift, which option would you recommend?

    A) Attaching bands at the bottom and using less weight (similar to option A in Q1;
    B) Pulling a mid shin rack, and using more weight that I normally would (similar to option B in Q1).

    Q3. For bench the question would be similar - do I

    A) attach bands at the bottom and use lower weight with increased resistance?
    B) press with a board, thus limiting the ROM and increasing the weight?


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    1) We prefer anchoring the bands from the bottom, e.g. doing the exercise against bands rather than doing reverse band work.
    2) You're probably not going to pull more weight from a mid shin position than you pull from the floor.
    3) Board press and bench against bands are different enough ROM wise to make your determination based on that and what you need/prefer.

    Absolute weight on the bar is not the most important thing with respect to training adaptations.

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