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  • High Volume High Frequency Training

    Hello all,

    Let me preface this question with a couple things:
    • I am a Beginner/Novice lifter, have been training 'seriously' for 2 years.
    • Height - 6'0", BW 220-230lbs
    • Squat - 280 x 5, Dead - 300 x 5, OHP - 135 x 5, Bench - 200 x 5. Ran the classic YNDTP version of SS.
    • Recently have been diagnosed with chronic low back pain, and have been watching the Barbell Medicine lectures to learn more about potential causes. These are awesome btw and make me feel more in control of my pain.
    I decided recently to try and work more on hypertrophy and decided to run a upper/lower style split going to the gym 6 or even 7 days per week, but allowing a given body part at-least 48 hours before I train it again. I will do 1-2 compound movements and 2-4 isolated movements per workout exclusively in the rep ranges of 8-15 reps. I have not noticed any significant recovery type issues so far. Progressive overload is still working and no additional pain is being generated anywhere other than my back. I have been running this program for almost a month now (I know that's not a long time.)

    This is all just for context to ask the question I really wanted to ask at the start, but I wanted to put the information out there because I feel like most people would want more information than if I just asked the question below outright.

    The question:
    • Is training with high volumes 6-7 times per week fine, so long as I do not experience any significant recovery issues, and I am enjoying it?
    Please let me know if any additional information is needed in addressing this question. I'm sure some part of it probably doesn't make sense knowing me.

    Thank you,

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    I think if you're a newer lifter- particularly with LBP ,this program may not be inappropriate from a volume and potentially intensity modulation standpoint. That said, if you've been doing it for a month and been fine so far, that's fine.

    To answer your question, adjusting training frequency mainly functions to adjust training volume. I also don't know that we can accurately monitor recovery, but again- if you're enjoying what you're doing that's fine with me.

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