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Beginner vs powerbuilding I (back to gym)

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    I'd either do PBI or the beginner template from phase II. Either one would work

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  • victor222
    started a topic Beginner vs powerbuilding I (back to gym)

    Beginner vs powerbuilding I (back to gym)

    Hi there - I had posted this as a comment on someone else's similar question, but I think it got lost. So I'll post as it's own topic.
    I am in a very similar position. Before quarantine, I was doing powerbuilding 2. My estimated 1 rep max lifts were: 350lbs squats, 211 bench, 390 deadlift, 140 press.

    After quarantine, I took a month off. Then I started doing the no equipment workout, and for the past 3 months I've been doing the minimal equipment workout. I only have 110lbs in dumbells, so I had to do a lot of high rep, paused exercises.

    My weight went down from 205 to 190. I was planning on buying the powerbuilding 1. But after reading this post, I am wondering: should I buy the beginner template or powerbuilding 1?

    Thanks a lot - very excited to come back to the community!