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Strength expectations while decreasing body weight

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  • Strength expectations while decreasing body weight

    Hi BBM Team,

    I'm currently in Phase 3 of the Beginner Template since starting mid December of last year and have been making steady although sometimes slow gains. As mentioned in the pdf, I aim to try and increase my estimated 1 rep max by at least one pound each week on each exercise.

    Some weeks I'm able to increase the e1r while other weeks it may decrease a few pounds due to a bad day of working out, but looking at my progress over months I've been making gains in the main lifts, although now its a bit slower than in the beginning.

    I've been able to make these gains while pretty much staying at roughly the same weight (give or take 10lbs difference), initially I ate at a huge deficit and was able to cut down to 185lbs, but I've gained back to my initial starting weight at 195lbs, and am now working to cut again to lose about 5-10lbs over the next few months. I do still have quite a bit of excess body fat, mostly around my waist (about 26% body fat). Another reason for the planned weight loss was because I also have a 38inch waist so trying to cut that down to a healthy number!

    Since I am now cutting weight again, aiming to lose about 0.5-1% body weight every week, what expectations should I have for making progress on my 1 rep max every week? My intuition tells me that I should still aim to increase my 1 rep max by at least one pound per week, since I do still have excess body fat and could possibly still be considered a beginner (less than a year of training). I plug in at least one pound more in the calculator given on the sheets to find out the target weights to lift during my workouts, so I should I still do this while cutting?

    Just wanted to understand what kind of expectations I should have for each training session while I am cutting weight. If it ends up being the case that my e1r may go down while cutting it would be helpful to understand that it is just a consequence of cutting weight, but since I may be considered a beginner and also still have excess body fat, was wondering if I should still be planning to beat my max one rep every time. Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

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    I would expect that you'd get stronger as evidence by most of your exercises' e1RM trending up every week (or two weeks).

    I don't think that you should expect to not get as strong because you're losing weight.
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