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Pressing Volume With Throwing "Sport"

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  • Pressing Volume With Throwing "Sport"

    Hey guys,

    Curious about modifications to pressing volume (bench and OHP) when there are other uses for arms/shoulders.

    Background: I played Ultimate Frisbee in college and have now transitioned to Disc golf. Both involve pretty significant amounts of throwing and if done enough my shoulder starts to become irritated. Last year while running The Bridge for the first time the pressing volume proved to be a bit much paired with in season Ultimate (practice 4x per week and tournaments ~1x per month) and resulted in a pain that affected simple movements such as lifting a glass to drink or putting a backpack on. From there I stopped barbell pressing for the season and replaced it with push ups and dumbbell work for the remainder of the season.

    Flash forward and I've been back to barbell pressing and have run 2 templates successfully, but have not been throwing much at all. This resulted in my presses increasing quite a bit (40-60lbs). I am now starting to increase throwing more (as I really enjoy this sport) and have noticed my pressing lifts feeling MUCH heavier than usual and decreasing in weight. Is this something I should just accept and take a slight L in training for now or should I attempt to handle heavier weights I know I can despite "toeing the line" on what I guess is an overuse injury?

    Really torn between wanting to be big and strong and playing frisbee.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure if there's an overuse injury brewing or just an increase in stimulus that you're not yet adapted to. If that stimulus is FAR too great, which hopefully is avoided by using autoregulation in training and sport, I'd say you're probably in the clear. If you're having pain right now, I'd probably reduce volume/intensity/change movements, etc. and aim to more gradually increase stimulus over time to get back to where you'd like to be.
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