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    Having purchased a couple of templates for post-beginner I have noticed that all require more volume as one progresses. I am one that lifts because it makes my life easier overall. I wish I was one that had the inherent love for it but alas I do not.

    With that I find myself struggling with the amount of time and effort required. My sessions with 5 min rest periods to allow fatigue reduction push to 1.5 hours. Feeling gassed and lacking energy is common even with good food and rest. If one was to limit a session to one hour would the recommendation be to focus on two primary lifts with appropriate volume or to reduce RPE allowing the reduction of rest time between sets so a third lift could be included.

    My apologies if there isn’t enough info. I’m truly appreciative of what Information and science based intellect BBM brings to the field.

    Kind regards.

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    My preference in this situation would be to reduce rest periods to 3 minutes or so and do all the exercises. If that isn't enjoyable and compromises adherence, I'd just do the 2 first exercises. To be clear though, I don't like the idea of reducing volume as it is highly correlated with both fitness adaptations and health-related outcomes.

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