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Novice to intermediate programming

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  • Novice to intermediate programming

    Gday BBM crew,

    I've been running the SSLP (kind of, sorry Rip) for 4 weeks, previously I ran my own program which went from September to February. I had been "exercising" for about 5 years prior.
    I'm 20 years old, 91kg, about 6'2. Bodyweight hasn't increased for about 3 weeks, need more peanut butter.
    I think it's time to run an intermediate program for my bench, press and possibly deadlift. I've just started doing power cleans.

    My last successful sessions were as follows:
    A: 115mins
    Squat - 127.5kgx5x3
    Bench - 80kgx5x3
    Power Clean - 52.5kgx3x4
    B: 108mins
    Pause Squat - 110kgx5x3
    Press - 55kgx5x3
    Deadlift - 190kgx5
    Chins - 17.5kgx5x3

    My last sessions:
    A: 138mins
    Squat - 130kgx5x3
    Bench - 81.5kgx5 failed 5th rep of 2nd set then backed off to 80kgx5 for 3rd set
    Power Clean - 55kgx3x4
    B: 107mins
    Pause Squat - 112.5kgx5x3
    Press - 56kgx5x2 failed 5th rep of 2nd set (I suspect it was a form failure)
    Deadlift - 195kgx2 both reps felt good but felt something funny in my lower back and 3rd wouldn't budge
    Chins 20kgx5x3

    My squat is still increasing but it's starting to feel like hell and rest periods are up to 15mins (still yet to fail a rep).

    My first question is do I go back to 190kg on the deadlift and increase by smaller amounts, therefore keeping it on a novice progression, or do I just go intermediate? What does an intermediate deadlift workout look like?
    Second question, I'm considering doing 5x5 (-12%) and 8x3 for bench and press, as I've seen Jordan suggest to another member. If I do this, would I still be increasing the weight every session and what weight should I start at for 8x3?
    I'd prefer to keep my sessions under 2 hours but increasing session time is still better than adding another day given my studies and labouring work 3 days/week.

    Thanks for your time, keen on your reply.

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    Here's exactly what I would do:

    1) Increase calories to gain weight
    2) Stop taking 15 min rest periods. That's a bad idea in general.
    3) Reset all weights by 10%
    4) Do SSLP proper (no paused squats)
    5) Do chins with body weight only for sets of 6-8+ (never to failure)
    6) Do the bridge when this stops working.
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      Thanks Jordan, I appreciate your response.

      Just one follow-up question: Do I still increase the weight every session by the same amount (Squat - 2.5kg, Bench - 1.5kg, Press - 1kg, Deadlift - 5kg) or make a more gradual increase?


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        While you are doing SSLP proper? Yes, continue to make increases each session.