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    On last week of the powerbuilding 2 template - ran 7 week hypertrophy prior to this one, and 12 week strength prior to that. Am seeing great results from this run of powerbuilding, and want to run it again.

    My questions are can I run these back to back as written, since week 1 includes lower stress and acts as a pivot / deload week? And also I will be hiking in Colorado in week 7 of this next run, and will have access to barbells. Would you lower the RPE on legs stuff at all, or just use RPE to modulate the stress based on hiking fatigue?

    These templates are great and worth every penny, btw!


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    Hi GT,
    Glad it's going well! You can run the template back to back and the low stress week 1 is a great restart, yes. For the hiking, since you'll still be training, I'd simply adjust the weight based on RPE for each session. You might be fine, you might find you need to lower the weight a bit, but it's tough to know ahead of time.