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Weak lockout on OHP

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  • Weak lockout on OHP

    I'm running the bridge 1.0 right now and I'm still trying to get the hang of the RPE system. On Monday the program had me do close grip bench and today I did overhead press. I noticed that my lockout on the OHP was noticeably weaker than normal. Could this be a sign that I overshot the recommended RPE for close grip bench and my triceps aren't fully recovered? Am I overthinking this? This is probably a duh question but any input would be appreciated.

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    Hello! It could be that your expectations for the OHP were a tad off. This can be due to the programming order, the fatigue of training, or other things. :-) So the best thing to do is to warm up your OHP for the day, aiming for your goal, but adjusting the weight as needed (down or could be up on another day) to match the RPE targets for the day.