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Beginners Template pattern?

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  • Beginners Template pattern?

    Is there a pattern to the Beginners Template as far as varying intensity or volume? I just did the 3rd workout of the 3rd week and it was the hardest so far. It really kicked me butt.

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    Hi Roamer,
    I'm not really sure what you're asking, but day 3 of the 3rd week is the same Rx as day 3 of week 2, so what might have changed for you is: added more weight than needed and overshot your RPE as some points during the week or you just had a tougher day today and you'll feel pretty good again soon. If you were warming up today and could tell that you were overshooting your RPE, you can can use RPE to adjust the load-repeat last week's or even drop the weight a few percentage points for the session.


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      Week 2 added a second set. So to me that was a volume increase. I was just wondering if this kind of variation continues as I go further in this template.

      I was also wondering if I should move to a more intermediate template. I chose the beginners because I was healing from a slight rotator cuff tear. Before that I was doing Andy Bakers Power Program.


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        Ok, yes, there are slight increases over the time of the template, and you can check those out by looking at the overview. However my advice about RPE still stands.

        And there would be no indication based on this that you need another program, no. I would continue with this as it sounds like you have some room to improve your work capacity.