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    Hello -- I'm currently running The Bridge and feeling relatively beat up (no injuries, just nagging hip/elbow soreness inhibiting my ability to push as hard as desired). Is this just adaptation that should be pushed through or should I adjust volume and/or splits? I have never run the traditional SS linear progression (I have, however, run other variations of LPs) so squatting/benching/deadlifting (or performing some variation of each) on the same day is new to me. For additional context, I'm 32 years old and have been training for 10+ years but am new to structured powerlifting-centric programming.

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    Hello and welcome! It sounds like you might be overshooting the RPE a bit here, do you think that might be the case? This is the first place to check at a time like this.

    You might also find these RPE resources helpful as you're adjusting to this programming:
    The Bridge: % Chart: this video I expla...