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Effect of bodyweight on crashing

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  • Effect of bodyweight on crashing

    Do you think there is an argument to be made that the optimal bodyweight for injury risk reduction in sports that involve infrequent but severe crashing (extreme sports such as the BMX and Motocross near and dear to Dr. Feigenbaum's heart) is lower than for other sports?

    My thought is this: strength reduces injury risk in itself, but the forces involved in crashing are higher for a heavier person. Unlike contact team sports, body weight in itself is not advantageous in individual extreme sports, and the impacts are less predictable and repeated, therefore you will be less adapted to them. Therefore, reducing thw force of the impact by maintaining a lower body weight should take a higher priority.

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    I think it is likely that both underweight (bmi < 18.5) and individuals with obesity (BMI >30) are at higher risk of injury due to crashes.
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