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Dumbbell Press in PB1

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  • Dumbbell Press in PB1

    Hello, I have just finished week 4 of PB1, and have just come to the realization that dumbbell press means seated dumbbell shoulder press (to be more specific). Throughout the template I have been doing flat dumbbell bench press instead and was wondering if this has a major affect on the template. Personally my goal at the moment is to get stronger on the bench press so I feel like this mistake is not too detrimental unless there is something I am unaware of?

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    Hi David,
    Not a problem at all! I'd carry on. :-)



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      So for future reference, if my goal is to improve my bench press over my press and I plan to run another cycle of PB1, would continuing in dumbbell bench press be a better choice or should I redo the cycle with dumbbell press? Assuming dumbbell bench press is viable, would the dumbbell incline press on the second block be replaceable with dumbbell incline bench press?


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        I don't know that we can definitely say what the "better" choice with without knowing how things are going. But yes, if you want to focus a bit more on your bench, there are bench variations that are very reasonable and the DB option you have here listed here is reasonable. However for the DB incline press, that is on a bench as well. Hope that helps a bit!


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          Okay thank you