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    Still trying to figure out how to load the bar and bands for an overload set. I am starting Strength I on Tuesday.

    Week 1, Day 2 I have to do overload squat. I just finished Bridge 1.0 with e1RM for belted squat at 320 and the No belt squat e1rm is 300.

    I assume this overload is w/o belt since it does not say to use a belt.

    The guidance says 20% of 1RM from the band, so that is either 60 or 64 lbs from the bands.

    The sets are supposed to be 5 reps at RPE 7,8 and 9. Assuming no belt that would be 237, 243 and 252# (rounded to the nearest 5#) for a normal squat.

    My question is do I still put that weight on the bar and then add bands at 30# on either side at lockout or do I subtract the 60 lbs from the weight on the bar or something in between?

    I have had zero luck finding this answer on the interwebs or this forum.


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    Hey Mark,

    I would use mini bands (red) or micro minis (thin, orange) looped over the bar so there's about 20-30lbs of tension each side at the very top, yet the bands aren't slack at the bottom.

    You should do your warm ups based on RPE, not any specific weight, especially since you haven't done the exercise before. I would start with the empty barbell, then empty bar + bands, and add weight in small jumps to find your working set's weight.

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      Thanks much. Still new to RPE. I still think in percentage of 1RM.