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Some questions about Austin Baraki's programming leading up to his recent DL PR

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  • Some questions about Austin Baraki's programming leading up to his recent DL PR


    I am interested in how Dr Baraki's programming was altered before his recent PR. His PR and a short discussion around his training is on the BM youtube channel, and there was a recent discussion on programming in Episode 115 "Programming Tweaks for Better Results" on the BM podcast. The article his programming is apparently based on is called: Rethinking Proximity to Failure for Strength Gains (I put all this down just as an FYI for those who might read this and wonder what I'm talking about)

    If I'm to understand it correctly, one feature of Dr Baraki's recent lifting has been to keep fatigue low but the exercise dose (cumulative stimulus) high - practically this means staying away from your RPE 8 or above sets? And increase the number of sets?

    Dr Baraki mentioned he had been doing sets of 5, gradually adding weight to his lifts until, if I'm not mistaken, he hit a point where he was about to go over RPE 7, so then he started doing doubles, went through the same process, then went onto singles before setting his PR. Is this correct? How many sets of these was he doing?

    If you have any other pertinent or worthwhile comments to make on the guts of Dr Baraki's program that would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

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    In your latest Training Vlog at this time-stamp, ( , Austin mentions training in the previous months not exceeding RPE 7 intensity, reducing reps in sets until he's at heavy singles. What did the
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