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Strength 1, Fatigue, Deload and reducing Rpe

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  • Strength 1, Fatigue, Deload and reducing Rpe

    Hey BBM,

    I recently started Strength 1 and I’m at week 5. I have seen increased Numbers in my lifts but my overal fatigue seems to be high, especially Squats with my lower back and me being sore (Quads) most of the times. So I watched the programming podcast part 1 (going to watch the other ones as wel). My performance started to decrease and I think it’s because I am new to High intensities + that amount of volume and I guess the RPES where somewhat off. What I have concluded is that I need to restart the program (so the volume goes down) and lower the RPE by 1 (Intensity) for all the exercises for a week or 2 or at least until I can recover from it. And then continue it like planned. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Im still trying to understand all the information

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    Sure, this is a reasonable way to work around this issue.
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