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    Listened to the latest podcast about tweaking programming. I recently started my 2nd run through S3. My first time through the program my hamstrings were very tight and fatigued beginning around W3, to the point where my lifts would regress from fatigue. Particularly DL. Now in W3 of my 2nd run through and I'm feeling the same thing. DL today was awful due to hamstring/glute fatigue.

    The podcast has me thinking about some some modifications mentioned to maybe help reduce overall fatigue.

    My thoughts were, on the squat and DL, to replace the 1@8 with a 2@7, drop the 5@9 down to 5@8 and then keep the back off sets/% the same. And along with that, move DL to slot 1 on D3 and the squat accessory to slot 1 on D2. So sort of front load the squat and back load the DL similar to how I understand the new Hyper templates are programmed. That way I'm hitting comp DL after a GPP day rather than the day after comp squats.

    Does that seem reasonable? Or is the high level of stress I'm experiencing in the first half of S3 intended?

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    Sure, give it a shot and see how you do.
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      Originally posted by Austin Baraki
      Sure, give it a shot and see how you do.
      Thank you!