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  • Beginner Template Clarification

    First, thanks for all the amazing content you all continue to produce. I found you recently through Alan Thrall's channel and I have been thoroughly impressed with your work.

    I got the BBM Beginner Template and have been running it for about 7 weeks. I was looking at the GPP Rx for Phases 2 and 3 and I saw this under Upper Back work for Phase 3:

    "Upper back work of your choice for 7 minutes @ RPE 7 2x/wk
    Completed in sets of 8-15 reps @ RPE 8"

    My assumption here is that it is accumulating work for 7 minutes, @ session RPE 7, completed in submaximal sets of 8-15 @ set RPE 8.

    Is that the correct way I should be completing this work? Or is this a typo of some sort?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's about right, Capt.
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