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Trouble Unracking Bench Press

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  • Trouble Unracking Bench Press

    Hi Doc,

    I'm currently on Week 7 of the 2nd Phase of the Beginner Template and have been really enjoying it. However, I have been having some problems with unracking on the bench press. I train alone so I can't get anyone to hand it off to me. So, I've been trying some techniques I saw and raising my hips to be at a slight decline when unracking. However, this can be inconsistent and I still end up wasting a ton of energy to unrack my heavy sets. In fact, today I couldn't do my set @ RPE 9 because I just couldn't unrack it and even then had trouble unracking the back off sets. What do?

    Thanks, Roman

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    This sort of thing is not easy to discuss/convey via text. I'd probably post a video to our FB group and you'll probably get some good advice there.
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