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Which template after self-isolation?

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  • Which template after self-isolation?

    Hi Jordan,

    I have been running the beginner template from Phase II onwards and just completed the 2nd workout of week 11 in Phase III today. I have been instructed by the Government to self isolate for 2 weeks as I have recently been in contact with an individual who has COVID. I do not have any symptoms.

    My plan for the next 2 weeks is to run the first 2 weeks of the At-Home template. However, I am not sure what to do when I return. My options are:

    1. Run the beginner template from the start of Phase III
    2. Pick up the beginner template where I left off.
    3. Start Strength I

    What do you think is the most appropriate course of action?

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    Sounds like you have a great plan overall. I'd suggest re-starting Phase 3, and then moving to Strength 1 when you stall on two or more lifts in that phase.