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Another forced layoff (nº2)

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  • Another forced layoff (nº2)

    Hello everybody,

    Gyms are closed again, thay said for 2 weeks but they lie...
    I don't have equipment at home other than a suspension trainer and a 25 lbs dumbbell. I was running 25-30 minutes a week and about to add a HIIT workout.
    So what I can do is a GPP type day(chin ups, rows, dips, running). I had gained some fat in the 2 months we were allowed to train so I could take care of that.
    Since it is unknown when and if ever the gyms will be able to open...Strength wise is it better to do nothing like Rip said or is it better to stay active even though I might lose the little bit of strength I was able to build in 8 weeks? I'm a 165 lbs guy, not strong AT ALL...

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    Sorry to hear this! You can certainly train at home, using what you have, and lean out, if that is something you'd like to do/feel would be good for your health.

    I 100% hope that no one actually said it's BETTER to do nothing for two weeks, because staying active is actually of value to your health, not a detriment. I'd love for you to read this article.

    Here's an excerpt-

    Physical Strength ­– Strength is force production that is measured in a specific context. In other words, both a 1-repetition max effort and a maximum set of push-ups are tests of strength, though they require different adaptations to demonstrate an improvement in performance. Given the equipment limitations of this program, it is unlikely that an experienced lifter will improve their 1RM squat performance if they’re using this program and not performing any heavy squats with a barbell. Conversely, it is likely that an experienced individual will be able to maintain a significant amount of strength by using this program, especially for short periods of time, e.g. less than 3 weeks (McMaster 2013). Finally, individuals who are less experienced will likely improve their strength potential across different exercises on this program, though they will need to transfer this potential to specific tasks (e.g. back squats or deadlifts) via training those specific lifts.


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      Thank you, Leah, for taking the time to respond!