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  • Powerlifting II Template Clarification

    I am on week 8 of the PL II template and I notice that the first exercise slot on day 4 of both week 8 and 9 says to do a heavy single, then a heavy triple, then 1-2 backoff sets of 4. I am wondering if this is a typo and the back off sets should be 3s? The reason I wonder this is because the weight reduction is quite small for adding an extra rep at a lower RPE than the top set, and also because on week 10 the backoffs are sets of 3. I would greatly appreciate it If someone could clarify this for me.

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    Hello! This is not a typo. After you do that triple, you take that weight off, and do 4 reps. Notes that the plan is you will only be doing 1 or 2 sets. If you do 1 set and it's RPE 9 again, then you're done!