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Bench press descent woes

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  • Bench press descent woes

    My bench strength continues to improve, but I have nagging pain in my left elbow/shoulder most of the time right after a session that dissipates with time. I've noticed my descent is complete garbage, the first rep usually miss grooves (with elbow discomfort), then I'm fine from there aside from just generally shakiness again on the descent.

    I just stared the second portion of HLM and there's 2ct bench as the secondary bench movement. Would it make sense to switch that out with some sort of tempo bench where I can focus on controlling the descent more? Are there any other drills I could throw in on GPP sessions to "grease that groove?"

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    I'm not sure without seeing it, but I do think you'd benefit from a form check where our coaches review your technique and offer cues, programming suggestions, etc. when needed:
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      I was thinking about that, unfortunately my garage setup allows for less than ideal viewing angles. Time to bite the bullet and actually try and set something up to film.