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Is Hypertrophy 1 appropriate for me?

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  • Is Hypertrophy 1 appropriate for me?

    Hi there,

    I came back to lifting in august after a long break - like a year or more.

    I've been running the first phase of BBM beginner prescription and repeating week 4 till now. I've stalled on the bench and OHP for a while already. I'd like to pursue hypertrophy training so I just got hypertrophy 1. But I'm not sure if it would be appropriate or a waste of time to go for it already? Pretty much my one and only goal is aesthetics. I've been trying to keep my calorie intake around maintenance for now but I'd be willing to go in a surplus for hypertrophy 1 and then cut calories later. I've also got the strength 1 template (bought it in a moment of confusion I guess) if relevant. I guess I thought it would come in handy at some point but like I said, I am mostly interested in aesthetics.


    Age 27
    Height 5'6"
    Weight 130 lbs
    e1RMs: Squat 240, deadlift 290, bench 165, OHP 110:-(

    I'm guessing diet is the reason that I haven't made more progress? I got to these numbers while pretty much maintaining my weight.

    Could I run Hypertrophy 1 now and get good results? I was thinking about running it on a small surplus and then maybe repeating it while cutting calories?



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    I think hypertrophy I would be fine. I see nothing wrong with your numbers here, as they're decidedly above average all things considered. I think doing Hyper I on a calorie surplus is a good idea if you want to gain weight.
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