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BBM approach to strict curl strength training

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  • BBM approach to strict curl strength training

    What's up docs,
    recently I have seen a lot of interest on he interwebs in the strict bicep curl, in particular the one rep max.
    Many strong folks (like Larry Wheels, Hafthor Bjornsson) have tested their strict curl max or are actively training for it.
    Many believe that the current world record of 113 kg/249.12 lbs by Denis Cyplenkov will be broken in the near future.

    How would BBM approach strict curl strength training?
    Would curl strength training fit into BBM strength and/or hypertrophy templates?
    How frequently would you program bicep curls?
    Are there any significant differences in how you would program it compared to squat, deadlift, bench or the press?

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    We would train it similarly to other lifts we give arbitrary importance to low velocity force production. I don't think I'd add strict curl training to any of our existing templates, but rather replace some of the lifts with strict curl training....probably using some of the upper body slots for this.

    Frequency and programming specifics would be unique to the individual and their previous experiences and responsiveness.

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