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Leg length discrepancies, kyphosis, scoliosis

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  • Leg length discrepancies, kyphosis, scoliosis

    Hello there,

    Apologies if you've covered either of these elsewhere or I missed info in the podcasts:

    1. Do you have stock recommendations for how to train with a leg length discrepancy? E.g. at what point an LLD warrants a shoe shim, whether or not you should take a compensatory stance for the longer leg, when it's okay to let the bar rest asymmetrically on the back, etc? I know you've explained at length that LLDs are very common and Austin in particular has argued against the structural/biomechanical model of pain, but would discomfort be part of the criteria in determining what to do for an LLD? there evidence to suggest worse/reduced training outcomes for people with mild to moderate kyphosis, leg length discrepancy, scoliosis, etc? I.e. all else held constant, do people with any of these common structural issues actually get stronger less quickly/efficiently than other trainees?

    Thanks for your time and insights, now and pretty much always

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    1. What size LLD are we talking? How has it been diagnosed/confirmed? Discomfort is not easily attributable to an LLD alone, which is part of the problem/difficulty with these.

    2. Nope!

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      Hey Austin,

      I believe the discrepancy was measured to be about an inch, maybe inch and a half? A chiropractor looked at me and told me that I had a longer left leg which was causing my mild scoliosis, primary care confirmed via having me lay down on a table and looking at the lengths of both legs with his unaided eye, then sent me to a podiatrist who measured the length of both legs with a tape measurer, over my pants if memory serves. I think it's the lower portion of the leg that is longer, but no one ever told me that.

      I ask mostly because my squat stance and bar placement is asymmetrical - the scoliosis (I think about 15-20 degrees? This was measured via X-Ray, albeit by the chiropractor) is in my thoracic spine, and one shoulder is more forward of the other (not sure if this is related to the LLD), if that has anything to do with it?

      I posted a form check on SS many moons ago, before getting any actual measurements done (though a tape measurer may not be terribly scientific?), and Tom didn't notice any glaring errors with my form other than not keeping my chin down on the ascent.

      I'm 6'4, and I have no idea how long either segment of either leg is, but I do have access to a tape measurer. I feel discomfort typically in my right knee, especially when squatting, but also sometimes in my lower back on the left side. Sorry if I'm giving an inappropriate amount of background - I don't know what variables are at play here.

      Thanks again!


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        You can certainly try using a shoe shim to see whether it helps - though I remain skeptical that your discomfort is directly due the LLD, if it is in fact present. Hard to give good recommendations without seeing you move in person. The fact that Tom said your technique looked good is reassuring, however.
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