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Training helps shoulder pain?

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  • Training helps shoulder pain?

    I can provide more detail if needed but in an effort to be concise I am experiencing shoulder/pec pain OUTSIDE of training.

    Benching doesn’t feel “great” but after getting into the swing of a training session and multiple sets my pain seems to virtually disappear.

    The problem however is that the pain comes back throughout the day. At night it is beginning to affect my sleep...

    Also, I know BBM is big on minimal warmup and doing multiple sets with just the bar etc, but after some experimentation trying both methods doing things like band pulls aparts and band dislocations no doubt make everything just “feel better.”

    it’s tough for me to put into practice some of the things you discussed in your managing pain podcast because generally training seems to help the pain overall - it’s the hours outside of the gym that’s the problem, which makes it difficult for me to pinpoint what I am doing in training that’s causing issue.

    Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

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    I think this is one of those situations that probably needs a more individualized approach with respect to assessment and management, thus I'd consult our pain and rehab team via our website.

    In general however, I wouldn't be trying to pinpoint any specific thing that's "causing" your shoulder pain, as that is unlikely to be productive and may result in some harms. I would also initially start by reducing load and volume for training of the affected area to see what this does to symptoms.
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