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  • Deadlift Stall

    Deadlift Stall

    Currently on Week 6 of my 2nd consecutive run of 12 Week

    On my 1st run of 12wk I performed trap bar dl instead of straight (just felt like doing trap bar so I did)

    Week 2 and 3 I did 405 at a 7.5/8RPE and felt smooth

    Week 4/5 I did 415 and it was a 9/9.5

    Week 6 I did 405 and it was a 9/9.5

    Bench and Squat are both progressing nicely and all of these weights I am using are PRs (except bench which I’m near PR)

    Would you consider this getting into stalling territory or is this not enough time to be considered a stall at this stage in the program?

    Since my other lifts are progressing my thought is to just continue to see the program through and make sure I’m not overshooting my RPE on my singles @8 on DL

    After this 12wk run - I’m planning on the hypertrophy template

    Thoughts? Thank you!

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    I don't think this is a stall, no, but this isn't a linear progression program either. In other words, while it'd be nice to add weight to the barbell every week- it's unlikely to happen all the time and that's fine too. Just don't overshoot the RPE and stick with the program since you're already in the meat of it. You'll know more about what, if any, changes need to be made after completing it this second time around.

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      Much appreciated, thanks Jordan!