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  • Beginner Template - Overall advice

    Hey BBM crew, I'm currently a novice lifter who was previously sedentary at all ages, I'm now 25 and a year ago was introduced to free-weights by a friend of mine and it has easily become a favorite hobby of mine. I also recently purchased the Beginner Template, as I have never really ran any program before. I was hoping to get some general advice from anyone learned really. I'll share my height/weight and numbers for pointers:

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 225lbs
    Body Fat Guestimate: 30-35%
    Waist Size: 42"

    Bench: 155lbs
    Squat: 200lbs
    Deadlift: 280lbs

    I've never really had consistency due to a lack of programming, but I was hoping to get some advice as a beginner when it comes to macros. I have already read up on To Be a Beast but in noticing some updated forum posts, there seems to be some nuance between protein intake for TBM vs. LBM (for those with higher bf %).

    My current macros are:
    2,650 calories @
    298g protein (I eat a lot of chicken/Whey with 1% milk, and I time my meals 4 hours apart without snacking for MPS)
    265g carbs
    44g fat

    Any advice for altering macros for the most efficient balance between body fat loss, and not feeling like garbage in the gym would be nice. (although I'm guessing I can't have my cake and eat it too)


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    Congrats on getting started and for making moves towards a healthier lifestyle

    As far as a nutrition plan, I think the calories look good, but I would probably reduce protein to ~ 200g and move those 400kCal between carbs and fats as you like. I don't think it's likely that a reduced calorie diet is going to make you feel bad at the gym, particularly during this period of training.

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      Gotcha, thank you for the speedy response.

      I have a bonus question if you may, would one be able to run the low back pain rehab template alongside the beginner template, or must I choose one? I had a random/acute incident happen about a month ago when DL'ing in 1" heeled squat shoes, and my low back has been nagging me whenever working with working weight DL sets; I'm talking difficult to just bend over and flush the toilet lol, but symptoms lessen when I take 2-3 days away from conventional DL’s. I've never been diagnosed with sciatic symptoms, but I'm not sure what else low back pain extending through the butt and leg could be. I’ve had this similar pain be re-aggravated about twice since I was 19, last time about 2 years ago it was so bad, I was barely able to walk out the door for work.

      For the time being, I've been doing HBBS, and Bench as usual, but was contemplating trying trap-bar or Sumo DL for a brief amount of time until whatever is going on is desensitized. I've looked into your pain management lectures as well, and was also contemplating buying the E-book on back pain that you have in case it ever is re-aggravated. Anyways, thanks a bunch, blessings.


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        Could you just do the trap bar DL for your main pull in the Beginner Template?
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          I'll give it a shot this week and see how it goes. I'm presuming if the symptoms start nagging again and interfering with the process, I'll start the low back rehab template. Thanks again for your help!