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GPP Hypertrophy Template confusion with supplemental squats

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  • GPP Hypertrophy Template confusion with supplemental squats

    Sorry if its right in front of me, but may i please have some clarification on supplemental squats prescribed for this program?

    I see designation for these lifts (C-S, C-P, S-D1, S-D2, C-D, C-B, S-B1, S-B2, S-B4) that give you specific lifts for each for specific weeks in the program.

    Am I missing something? I do see in the spreadsheet tab marked (
    Why RPE and How to Use it?) when explaining Rep drops (which I am also confused on), Mentioning that S-S1 is beltless squats, but im not seeing an actual column under the 7 week GPP hypertrophy tab explaining supplemental squats. The LOG tabs have supplemental squats listed.
    Sorry Im just confused.

    Thank you for your help

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    Hi Eric,

    If I understand this correctly, what you need to do is scroll down further on the tab "GPP Hypertrophy" and you'll find the names of each movement to match up with those abbreviations. The page explaining RPE is general, but this program you have does NOT have any supplemental squats. Hope that clears it up!


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      Thank you for the Clearing this up. Much Appreciated!